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Tetsu no Hada is a personal project born from the closure of Japanese borders, therefore multiple canceled trips. This project was a good outlet and a way to work on the contrast, an element that is very present in this culture.

In a Japan where myths and legends come true; the threat of yôkai & Kaijû push the kingdom's limits in terms of defense century by century. The walls are higher and the weapons bigger. The “Kinzoku”, a civilization with surprising tattoos is experiencing a startling technological evolution. These improvements allow their minds to become one with the inanimate. The industry is being boosted by new inventions, such as the connection between Human / Machine, which is done through ritual tattooing.


Coupled with the appearance of a new black powder from the west, this civilization has developed an incredible weaponry that few can compete. Thanks to this and their great skills in working metal, they were able to inherit an insane bastion.


The threat from under the mist grows. The populations are at risk by taking the dangerous "Iron Road". This road is shaken by the deployment of the “Hands of God”, the powerful giant armor with a divine firepower, made to reconquer the lands below.


"Hand of Amatsumara", a ceremonial armor that is under repair.

*God of metalwork and blacksmiths

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Many are those who take the "Iron Road" to go up the sea of ​​mist. However, between the climate and the vibrations of the deployments, even the maintenance teams deplore daily losses.

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Thanks for your time !

Big thanks to Karine Villette & Balazs Agoston who followed me along my final project.



Hey, my name's Clément, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Paris. I spent these last few years studying at New3dge, I also attended the university of social-sciences.


I like to discover new cultures and their folklores. I love creating environments, because they are what explains and legitimize the development of the life that evolves in it, accompanied by their cultures, beliefs and traditions.


I am really inspired by history, legends and myths; the films, games and books that rocked my childhood but also by my journeys and the people I met were very insightful.

Concept art allows me to really link all my passions, tell stories and study new ones ! I'm passionate about the world and the people I meet while roaming through it. Hope I get to meet you soon too !



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