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"Premier Fado pour Hubert" is an OSS117 game inspired by the universe created by Jean Bruce and the movies based on the same universe that came out later.


The story takes places during the turmoil of WW2, in which Huber Bonisseur de la Bath, more known as OSS117, has been tasked for his very first mission to prevent the non-aligned authoritarian portuguese regime to join the Axis. His inexperience and gullible nature will bring him to come across a lot of adventures mixing love, gunfights, desguises and investigation. To help him on his mission, he'll be able to count on Enrique Sagarra, a loyal but yet self-interested sidekick. He also may fall in love with Joana Maria da Cruz, a local Salazar's loyalist agent. On top of that, he'll have to face against the cunning Karl Hohenmann, a sympathetic but suspicious german notable.



The hero and main protagonist is obviously OSS117, Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, an american agent from french descent that eagers to prove everyone he is up to the job.

Next is Enrique Sagarra, a spanish republican working for british services, he is the main ally of OSS117 and one of the fiercer anti-axis people on earth at this time. His personal goal is to basically kill as much fascists as possible, no matter the means or the ends.

Then, we present Joana Maria da Cruz, an agent of the local agency, the dreadful PVDE. As Sagarra, she doesn't mind using every means available to obtain what she wants, must it be by singing, dancing, seducing, punching, shooting or poisoning. She wants the best for her country, and nothing will stop her from doing so.

Finally comes Karl Hohenmann, a veteran of WW1, in which he fought as a teenager. This horrible experience created in Karl's psyché an impregnable aversion of the front, which made him join as soon as possible the Abwehr, the german secret services, after joining the NSDAP. Playing with his good character and ambitious diplomatic skills, he obtained to be transfered in Portugal, with the mission to convince the local government to ratify an agreement with Germany and Italy, in order to defeat the Allies in the Atlantic.

"The story takes places in the joyful city of Estoril, in the suburbs of Lisbon. The beach, the palms and the sun make a perfect place for a spy nest, in the form of a Palace, the Camaleão Palácio. These are the Staff Manager, Governess and Porter of this hotel."