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By Oscar Bagalini

Adrenaline is a personal project done with my classmate Jonathan BERTAUD, who worked on environments. My main task was to create the characters of our universe.


The story take place in a dystopian future in Shanghai, where an exhilarating race is held throughout the city. Winning this race brings fame, admiration, and last but not least, inconceivable amounts of money. This is the reason why different kind of group in the city, from the most dangerous organisations, to rebellious engineers and moneyless rogue take part to the most important illegal race of all. Let's start with the main team !


The hero is Yuji Takeo, he is the pilot of the team. He is accompanied by Amana the mechanic and Satoshi the engineer. The team doesn't have much money but is very inventive.

Then we have a team of yakuzas. Their pilot is Hao, the favorite of the race. He has at his side Soo, the engineer, and Shun, the mechanic of the team.