Florent LEBRUN

Freelance Concept Artist -

Clients list includes : One Pixel Brush / Naughty Dog / MPC / Rodeo FX / Solid State Images

Projects includes : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 / Wrath of the Titans / Dark Shadows / Skyfall / The Last of Us 2 / Game of Thrones...

Florent Lebrun is a French concept artist. After moving to Montreal, he chose to transition from matte painting to concept art. When he explained why he made the transition, he said that, “I think that concept art is a lot quicker and more reactive […]“ 

World Building

This will be a 1 week class. 

5 days with Florent, from 9AM to 6PM in the classroom. 

The instructor will teach you about his process for creating groundbreaking images for AAA studios.

Florent is the king of environments, he is always pushing for new techniques and tools in the industry, his credentials include Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Wrath of the Titans, Skyfall and is now working on Last of Us 2 with One Pixel Brush. 


His course will be focused on creating environments for the video game and movie industry, focused on getting your team building believable and breathtaking worlds.

From sketch to a finished image, along with demos and feedback from the instructor, you'll learn how to create a mood with natural light, how to apply the principles of color and light to create a world of your own.