Freelance Concept Artist -

Clients list includes : One Pixel Brush / Naughty Dog...

Projects includes : Uncharted: Lost Legacy / The Last of Us 2...

Jad Saber is a Lebanese freelance Concept artist currently working in Paris for One Pixel Brush. Inspired by artists like Craig Mulins, Jaime Jones, Jama Jurabaev or Sparth to name a few, he's now working for the video game industry on titles like Uncharted: Lost Legacy and the anticipated The Last of Us 2.

Environment Art for video games & Blender Courses

This will be a 3 weeks class. 

15 days with Jad, from 9AM to 6PM in the classroom. 

Environment design class focused on video game production, and Blender & EEVEE training. 

His environment class will focus on making environment art for the AAA video game industry. You'll learn the basics of making concept for games, moodboards, how to look for references and how to use them effectively. You'll also learn efficient sketching process and how to push a sketch a final render.



His blender course will make you learn how to build props, environments and vehicules quickly using blender. Bringing your design to life with full 3D details, materials and photoreal lighting. 

You can expect to learn the basics of design, efficient and flexible modelling using all of the blender tools, including addons like box cutter, speedflow, hard ops.. 

And also lighting your scene using EEVEE !