Lead Concept Artist -

Clients list includes : DONTNOD / Lightbulb Crew / Fortiche Prod / Pretty Simple / UBISOFT...

Projects includes : Assassin's Creed / Splinter Cell / Watch Dogs / The Division...

Lucile Meunier is a Concept Artist, illustrator and Visual Developer based in Paris. Considered one of the best french character designer out there, she brings her unique vision at Dontnod. As a former artistic director and teacher, she understands how to communicate ideas and give feedback better than most. 

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Character Design & Figure Drawing

This will be a 1 week class. 

5 days with Lucile, from 9AM to 6PM in the classroom. 

Lucile class will focus on character design and figure drawing, you'll go through the process of understanding shape design, character poses, movement, anatomy for production in the video game and movie industry.

Lucile Meunier is a Concept artist working as a Lead concept artist at DONTNOD Entertainment, her credentials include working as an Art director & concept artist at Light bulb crew, Character designer at Fortiched Prod and Visual development artist at Pretty simple.

The goal of this class is to create unique and memorable characters that will enhance the narrative of the production by covering the fundamentals and advanced techniques of character design.