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After 15 months of work, The Last Harvest is finally out. Here is the making of, hope you'll enjoy it too.


Making Of



Last of his kind, Vikare, a man of power, sits atop the remains of his enterprise, built to suck and control every last drop of energy around him. Driven by his arrogance and greed, he ventures out to claim the last source of energy as his own.



A 60 year old Veteran lost his legs and arm serving his country. To honour him, Vikare's enterprise offered him high-tech robotic replacements. Nonetheless he became homeless, and due to a constant decline of energy sources, he had to lose his enhanced members to stay alive. The Cyborg is the last resident apart from Vikare. Looking tired and worn out, he represents the misery and the lack of life of the city.


Demeter, mother nature's embodiment, is the personification of life and death, and represents the cycle of life, the impartial power of nature.


The world is divided into two distinct areas : the city, and the desert. The city, filled with man-made structures has destroyed all life and the earth was sucked dry for power and energy. In the center of the city looms a Tower that connects and controls everything in it's borders. The dense clusters of buildings and pipes, as well as air filled with pollution and noise, covers the world in a heavy suffocating atmosphere. Vikare has layered pipes apon pipes to suck energy from every possible source and it's all under his control. On the outskirts of the city lies a bridge that seperates his domain from what has evaded his greed. Just outside the reach of his empire, the air is clearer, the sky is open, but it's lifeless nonetheless. - inspired by Rebirth from Quixel and Iceland-