If you are festival member or a professional and need a private access to the film, please reach out to the school to get the password.

THE making of

This is the story of a man, a scavenger on a mission to get an experiment, which will seal his fate into the depth of a wrecked spaceship in the middle of a vast deserted plain.


We are five graphic designers, presenting you our 2020 final year project. We worked for eleven months on this short movie. We would like to thank our school, New3dge, and all our teachers who helped us during this process.


THE props

A thin man in his forties, 5'9, ordinary in appearance, is sent on a mission,

inside a gigantic

spaceship which

crashed on a deserted planet. Being a lone resourceful traveller,

he crafted his own equipment.

His suit is protecting him from the sand and the ambient heat.

(References: Star Lord

and Han Solo)

THE environments

Spaceship which belongs to a scientist corporation transporting an experiment. On its way back to the headquaters, it crashed on a hostile planet.

(References: WildStar, Overwatch, Borderland)

THE tech

THE team

Quentin BATSAL

Character 3D / Props 3D / Texturing / Lighting / Compositing 


William BAUD

Concept Art / Environment / Lighting / Matte Painting / Compositing

06 89 98 76 28


Environment / FX / Layout /


Rig Skin / Environment / FX / Texturing / Shadering / Lighting


Angélique BUSCA

Previs / Layout / Animation


Nathaly VIENNE


We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, the staff of new3dge, the studio mocaplab, our families and friend for their help and support throughout the project.

Special thanks to

Julian Dropsit

Fabien Roumazeilles

Michael Baratian

Julien Lou


Teachers :

Elise Bernateau, Guillaume Marques, Alfred Mathieu, Dorian Marchesin, Jean-Brice Royer, Stephen Plongeon, Patrice Louise, Gabriel Kerlidou, Garry Madison, Jad Saber, Daniele Zannone, David Brochard


Music : Anthony D'amario et Ed Rig


Bruitage/Sound Design et Mixage: Guillaume Boissot et Fabien Crousillac

Voice : Pierre-Alain de Garrigues Francine Baudelot

Actor : Gaëm Zaks