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THE making of

We mainly worked on 3dsmax through the movie, from modeling to
texturing, and rendering on Vray. Characters were modeled on Zbrush and textured with
Mari. We had the chance to work with the team from Mocaplab for a day for the motion



This movie is the story of Keith and Millie and how their love is stronger
than the monstrosity of her illness. The story takes place in New York City, right after the end
of the second world war.



We animated realistic and subtle expressions in order to convey the emotion and the relationship between the characters. We didn't have any performance capture for the face and hands, so we had to animate them completely in full keyframe. We sculpted expressives and detailed blendshapes . Our main challenge was all the contacts between the characters, and with their environment, because the motion capture wasn't very precise. For us, the eyes movement was capital for our characters, to make them more alive and better express their emotions.


Keith and Millie are both in their late 20’s. He just
came back from the second world war. That left him wounded with a burnt on the left side of
his face and torso, this took away all of his self esteem. Unlike him Millie is joyful and knew
how to give him back the confidence that he lost. Until she becomes sick, when they switch
roles and he is the one who has to show her the beauty he sees. 



Our main references for the environments were photography, especially for our last scene which take place in central park. We use the same process for the furniture of the interiors such as the bar of the beginning or the bedroom.For the lighting of this movie we wanted a warm lighting in the beginning and a colder one toward the end



We use Ornatrix to create the haircut of the characters and the extra’s one as well. Millie’s first haircut was inspired by a typical post war haircut called “victory rolls”. For the clothing we use Marvelous designer to both design and simulate the clothes of our characters. We used Phoenix to simulate the whiskey. We decided to translate Millie’s illness through black spot on her skin. They appeared throughout the movie.




Meet the team of “Pantoufle Production “.
We worked as a team of five from May 2019 to July 2020

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Environment 3D / Lighting / Render / Ornatrix / Matte painting

Emerantiane BOUILLON

Environnement 3D / Lighting /

Render / FX / Animator

"J’accepte sans problème, je n’ai jamais tort"



Character 3D / Animator / SetUp / Compositing

"Boy, do I hate being right all the time"



Layout / Animation /

Character 3D / Montage


Character 3D / Simu Cloth / Concept

Special Thanks :

Thanks to the sound Design & Music team : Anthony D'amario, Ed Rig, Guillaume Boisseau and Fabien Crousillac, they knew how to give life to our characters.


Thank you to Olive Dorner and Gaël Zaks, who perfectly impersonated Mille & Keith


Thanks to Julian Dropsit for his help throughout the project


Thank you to Élise Bernateau for her patience, reachability, and her precious feedbacks


Thanks to Fouad Benhammou and Thierry Rivière who helped us build the foundation of our story.


Thank you to Alfred Mathieu for being here during the creation process of our characters, and Dorian Marchesin for his advices on the conception of our environments.


Thanks to Clément Martin for his technical advices.


Thank you to Garry Maddison for the grading, who gave the final touch to our movie.


Thanks to Julien Lou for being our lifeline during the quarantine.


A big Thanks to Fabien Roumazeilles for his consideration, for being able to find alternative solutions to all the canceled events due to the pandemic.


Thank you to Mickaël Baratian, Diana Baratian, and all the pedagogic team for their support.


Thanks to David Bruyère for his After Sales Service 24/7, our friends, family, pets, and all of our classmates for the support, Humor and Love which was needed for the production of this graduation project.