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Graduation project


With this project I wished to design a large-scale building that would have an aura of legend


A place outside of time where only the initiated would be allowed to enter and which would hide a treasure for the human imagination: the sacred tree of life.


I imagined this place living in the heart of Roman history, full of forgotten wisdoms, as if it were a legend that had not reached us.




Céline Nauleau


Aspiring junior concept artist, passionate about history, foreign culture and legends of all times.


I was lucky enough to join the concept art program at New3dge after completing their 3d generalist program which gave me the chance to discover the game and animation production pipeline.


Thanks to the projects undertaken during these two years I learned what was the place of a concept artist within these productions, while developing my technique and my tastes.


Having completed my training, I am looking to join a caring team that will allow me to put my skills to good use.


This would be a dream opportunity for me to continue learning alongside them while being useful to this industry that I love so much.

"Ties'' project

Concepts realized in collaboration with the VFX class.


It was given to me to design the mansion belonging to the Lukharnn family: from the interior of its living room to its exterior appearance.


The VFX team also needed keyframes for the interaction scenes between the daughter and the father.


This project was really interesting as it required working on disguised symbolism: everything in the mansion had to remind the oppressive bond between Eva and her family and her race against time. 

Many thanks for the vfx team for their help and contribution

  Jade Hiot

Damien Giry

Guillaume Devilers

Jean Avisse

Fadia Hamam