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By Jonathan Bertaud

In a dystopian future, the final of an illegal motorcycle race is about to take place in which different racers will compete. Each racer dreams of building the fastest motocycle of all time. In deed, winning the race brings fame, admiration but above all a huge amount of money. For this reason, different kind of groups, from the most dangerous organisations to rebellious engineers and moneyless rogue take part in the most important illegal race.


The starting point of the race is this stadium covered by the city and repurposed to welcome illegals events. The pilots will start  from the stadium, on the periphery of the city, and will race among the civilians towards the center of the city.


I mainly worked on the stadium so here are an establishing shot to show how they repurposed the stadium and a key frame of the beginning of the race.

final stadium.jpg

I wasn’t alone on this project as Oscar Bagalini, my classmate, designed two racers team. The hero’s team and a yakuza team. Here are the designs and early researches for the Hero’s team motorcycle.

Stadium layout.jpg
early stadium 02.jpg
early stadium 01.jpg

In order to build the city slums, I had to create my own kitbash.

Kit bash.jpg

I also did some design research for the race stands.

race stand.jpg

Thank you for

your time !


Jonathan BERTAUD


My Name is Jonathan, I’m from Paris and I’m 22 years old. I studied four years at New3Dge and I would like to work as environment and keyframe concept artist. Here are some images I did during my two years in the New3Dge concept art class.

Game art project


During those two years I had the chance to work in collaboration with the game art cursus to help them build a video game demo for their graduation project.


The video game project I worked on is named The Fault. The game takes place in 1930 and is about two scientists who finds their arctic labs abandoned and invaded by a bioluminescent organism that becomes disgusting when it’s lit. Here are images of the invaded labs in an ice cave and some explorations for the bioluminescent organism.

The Fault_01.jpg

VFX project


I also worked with the VFX cursus to assist a team on their graduation movie.


The movie named Hope takes place in a dystopian futur. The city is controlled by a totalitarian government. We follow the hero through the city in order to accomplish his mission which is to hack into the city's tower control to broadcast a message to start a rebellion. A government drone formatted by the rebellion is helping him in his journey.


Special thanks to all the amazing teachers I had at New3dge, especially Julien GAUTHIER, Florent LEBRUN, Jad SABER and Nils CARSTENS that were a bless for my final project.  


Thanks to Fabien ROUMAZEILLES and Aurélien FOURNIER who created an amazing class at New3dge  


And thanks to all my classmates who have helped me improve as an artist, these last 2 years will stay an unforgettable experience.


See you soon, guys.

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