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"Phlebas" is a personal project inspired by the seventh chapter of the book "Consider Phlebas" by Iain M.
Banks, a space opera novel.

The story of this chapter develops in the capital of a space orbital. "Vavatch". This city is pleasure
oriented and it was built for that purpose.
An illegal game of cards will be hosted in the capital. A game for the rich mentally disturbed to fulfill their

This forbidden game has a few embellishments to make it more attractive.
Similar to poker, but every card will affect the emotions of the players and also, real lives will be at stake.



The idea was trying to imagine how a film adaptation in the 80's, when the book was written, would look like. Following that, I thought art deco would be a perfect match. It is classical but yet it looks modern. Also, it is rich and elegant, just like the place was described in the book.

For the art direction of the technology, I aimed for a retro look mixed with the art deco.

That is mainly coming from the materials that gives it a premium look and also the gold patterns.


Early ideation for the Emotion field generator, at first, the idea was to create this "emotion field" by pheromones being released after a chemical reaction. Also some quick photobash/painting trying to define the look of the retro tech mixed with art deco and seeing how it could fit in the end. Those were very helpful and effective.




Jose Ramirez Casas


Concepts done for the VFX class. The story takes place during the 20's in London. My task in this project
was designing the street and museum extetior-interior while coming up with some keyframes to define
the mood and lighting in each shot.

Lukarhnn team(VFX): Jade Hiot,Damien Giry, Guillaume Devilers, Jean Avisse and Fadia Hamam