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Valentin Perouelle

Hi ! I’m a french concept artist from the New3dge concept art cursus specialize in environment
concept art. I am interested in different types of
stylised art direction and I personally like painting Beautiful worlds.
I love animation movies and
video games, I have always wanted to enter into this industry
since I started to draw and paint.
I was fascinated from an early age by films from ghibli studios,
they opened my eyes to the beauty of painting
and the talent that could be put into telling a good story.
since that moment I have always think to create
my own worlds and paint them.
Avalon is a worldbuilding project inspired by the french countryside, I have focused my images on depicting a fictional city.

I started my project by researching simple volumes and colors to elaborate the overall design of the buildings that will grace the city. I already had in mind to have as a focal point in one of my images a water mill.


The challenge now is to make the focal point and overall shape of the city work. I designed in 3D everything that would make my final shots and started to create my camera views.


Design exploration

Here is the process of the image. I have started to deconstruct my 3D by doing a line art. I did a simple base color path from this line and I put a shadow pass on top to clearly see the volume. From that moment I just painted everything.

Here is the process of the establishing shot. I just started to paint over the 3D base and build the different elements of the picture.