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I imagined a video game based on the book ''Skullsowrn'' by Brian staveley, and designed characters accordingly, by having in mind both the book's descriptions and how the characters would appear and act in the game.


Pyrre is the character you will play throught the game. She will go through her final trial to become a skullsowrn, piertess of the god of death; to prove her devotion, she has ten days to kill the seven people enumerated in an ancient song. She will have to use stealth and ruse to achieve her goals without getting caught.

As it was imagined as the main character of a full blown game, a lot of thought and research went into this design. I wanted to have a mix of east asian culture, tribal elements, and hints of a more advanced technology by using more advanced shapes and mechanism whilst conserving te right materials to avoid a too sci fi look.


They are the justice of Dombang, capture criminals and help fight off crocodiles if someone has the misfortune of falling in the delta. Pyrre will need to sneak past them on multiple occasions to execute her sinister goals.

The biggest challenge for these designs was de develop a unique visual Identity that recalls asian cultures while still implementing elements that imply an advanced an original civilisation that has dominance over nature at the heart of its identity.

Establishing a palette and material that ties into a unique yet reminiscent of asian culture aesthetic prooved to be a challenge, but after iterating and discussing with our art director, I am confident with how the visual language ended up looking like.