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Imre, The City of Art

Your adventure will takes place in the city of Imre, the city where the God of Art bring art to the humans back in the time. The city is a warm place where art is enhanced in every part and by exploring it you will find stories on the god of art to learn more about him and his legend.


rt of the City


Machines - Gallery


This scene describes the God of Art who spread music on the world 

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Concept Artist


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Hi! My name's Ian, I'm a french concept artist from the New3dge concept art cursus specialize in environment concept art.
I am interested in different types of stylised art direction.

I love animation movies and video games, I have always wanted to enter into this industry since I started to draw and paint.


Here is some of the work I made during my two years at New3dge.

- Game Art Project -

In October 2021, in collaboration with the game art cursus at New3dge, I did some concept for the game Umiko which is a colorful top down game taking place in a Fantasy Japanese universe. I had the chance to work on this project with Legouini Clement, Bidault Guillaume, Pertays Nicolas & Ripert Arthur.


My mission was to imagine the first biome where the main character would start his journey. The player had to go through 3 differents isles with a different mood in each of them and the first isles had to be a zen and peacefull place where the level of water began to flood the island on some places.


Game Art team
Gustave Besnard / Aniss Laghsas / François Larrieu / Thomas Corvee / Mathieu Mechaussier 
/ Joe Rodrigues / Maxime Lecas

In Game

What the game looks like after 1 year of work by the game art team !