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- Elric: King of  Immryr -


Elric of Melniboné, is a book saga written by Michael Moorcock in 1961 .The story takesplace way before our era,

in a kingdom that has ruled the earth for thousands of centuries.

Its people, known to turn human into slaves and to feast from them.

A dark and fantasy story that as pionnered the genre.


This project is based on the first Books. The goal was : create 3 different costumes for the main character,

as if an movie adaptation of the books were to be made.


Ceremonial wear

This costume is the first one that appears in the book. it's a ceremonial costume, Elris being the king, it's supposed to be luxurius an representative of the cultur. the costume is inspired fromt he bizantin era, having overall a more oriental approach to the design.

King seats on the throne of ruby, the red notes will then be reminded throughout the different costume. the motifs and crown shape language are inspired by the insect shapes because the kingdom is ruled by the law of Choas and the god of Chaos is represented by an insect.


Elric is an albino, he is also very fragile. His mane characteristic being: uprigh, bored, empathic and depressed.

Battle Armor

The armor is inspired by the indo persian era, it's a very robust armor. In the book they've domesticated dragons, and so some of this shapes languanges can be found in there.

And the general shape is inspired by the horsman armor. Elric is a mercyless warrior especialy if stormbringer takes control making him unhinge.

He's also a magician hence bringing the attention to the hands.

the crown, the helmet and strombringer are made from the same material.

You can still see some of the from the ceremonial costume.

Here you can see some slight alteration of the final design.

White Wolf  Wear

The white wolf is the period when Elric leave his kingdom and became a vagabond. this costume is inspired by the mongolian clothing.

Elric travels a lots, so the clothe needs to adapt to the climate. It's much more simple and primary compare to the other two costumes.

He has stripped himself of the caracteristic of his culture since he has abandonned his kingdom.

He's traveling through the human kingdom, so it's also a bit more grounded compare to the others.


Stormbringer is a sword that's been created by the god a chaos Arioch. She has a "twin" : mournblade.

These sword hold demons in them giving them "consciousness/free will" so they don't always abay their owners.

the power of stormbringer is to suck the vital energy of its opponent and give it to its owner.


It's made from the same metal as the crown and helmet, with an ivory handle covered with runes and magic stones