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Heracles the greek hero has to overcome seemingly impossible tasks to regain his honor. One of them brings him to an ancient ruined temple dedicated to the godess Persephone.

For me the goal was to develop an open "dungeon-like" outdoor area with a distinct visual identity inspired by the greek mythos and architecture.


I started by figuring out a layout for the level in 3D. Then I focused on finding a visual identity for the temple. I first went for a more palace

white and gold look but ended up going for a more grounded look emphasizing the connection the place has with nature.

The courtyard Area was the first thing a player would witness when entering the temple, it had to be open, communicate the scale of the place and give a clear view on the point of interest in the level.

A few ideas were scrapped along the way, like the one where magic sap was flowing

like a nectar from the inside of the roots into ridges, or the mini-boss arena embeded in the courtyard.

I The pathway on the side of the temple give us a view on a secondary point of interest and allows the player to make his way arround a dangerous path on the edge of the temple above a cliff.

I tried several temple designs, at some point the pathway was fully covered with a roof like an arcade but I ended up going for the most "open" version to make the courtyard area feel closer to a garden.