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A military submarine, the HMS Midnight, unexpectedly went missing during a mission near the end of the Twilight Zone.

Upon finding its wreck you are tasked with explorating it and given the goal of discovering the reason behind its mysterious sinking.



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By the end of the first third of your exploration you will have had a close to empty battery for quite some time, and so you will need to turn the submarine's power back on hoping to gain access to a charging station.

> Maintenance corridor


> THE Machinery area

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You play as scouting drone from the Royal Navy used to search for and explore the missing submarine.

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The Machinery Area
the maintenance corridor
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> Fangtooth

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> viperfish

> the control room

The control room

From the coms station in the Control Room you were barely able to extract this damaged recording from the time just before the sinking :

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2nd Maintenance Area


The torpedo Room

> the torpedo room

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> DRagonfish

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> The crew

The majority of the crew's bodies are located in the torpedo room.

It's as if they're stored there : they are entangled in seaweeds in what seems to be a way to keep them from drifting too far from where they are.


Some of the corpses you encounter there are in a particulary bad state, making you wonder : what kind of abyssal creature could have left such injuries on them ?

The Nest

> the NEST


> The eggs

In the damaged sonar array you discover an egg far bigger than the others, and as you get closer to it you catch a glimpse of the unsettling silhouette inside.

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> The abyssal mermaids tribe

Abyssal Mermaids