Traditional drawing and introduction to the world of 2D and 3D digital artistry.



  • Artistic cultivation

  • Live model drawing

  • English


Learning 2D:

  • Image construction and composition rules

  • Academic drawing (anatomy, human muscle and skeletal structure, perspective courses, architecture, creation of vehicles in perspective) Drawing by observation, nude, pose and movement studies

  • Computer-assisted drawing, introduction to 2D digital artistry

  • Image editing

  • Matte painting

  • Introduction to speed painting

  • Introduction to techniques of hyper-realistic rendering

  • Using a graphics tablet


Learning 3D:

  • Introduction to 3D modeling: architectural & organic

  • Use of materials made up of textures and/or procedural

  • Mastery of the main rendering engines

  • Introduction to the principle of rendering

  • First steps in compositing


Compositing :

  • Integration of virtual elements into live action film



  • Acquire the foundation necessary artistic and technical skills to be admitted in 2nd General Year

  • Mastery of the 2D/3D computer programs most commonly used by graphic artists