Enregistré au RNCP par arrêté du 17 mai 2018, publié au journal officiel le 24 mai 2018 - Code NSF: 320 - Code RNCP 30729"

(Translation of the above official reference text: Diploma of“DESIGNER / PRODUCER OF 3D ANIMATION & VFX” Level 1, registered by the RNCP by order as of May 17th 2018, published in the official journal on May 24th 2018 - NSF Code: 320 - RNCP Code 30731)

The art of bringing your scenarios to life…
CONTENT OF THE PROGRAM                                                    


The foundations of production:


  • Courses in cinematographic production (photography, set / staging, storyboard, filmmaking study)

  • Creation of characters, morphology, meanings of composition in image and video


2D techniques:


  • Academic drawing (anatomy, body in motion, expressing volumes and movement, perspective courses, architecture, comparative anatomy...)

  • Digitally assisted drawing (creation of characters and their environment, editing images, image editing, compositing, texture and map design for compositing

  • Speed painting technique

  • 2D animation with programs such as After Effects

  • Matte painting

  • Storyboard


3D techniques:


  • Polygonal modelling (organic, robotic, architectural)

  • Utilisation of materials made up of textures and / or procedural

  • Optimisation of topology (mesh HD et retopology)

  • Rigging and setup of creations (production of the characters’ skeleton or other creations in order to animate)

  • Animation technique (give life to the creations : body animations, facial, mechanical)

  • Mastery of rendering engines


Compositing & VFX :


  • Integration of virtual elements in live action or or animated film.

  • Analysis of perspective in image and video tracking

  • Compositing, post-production and finalization, integration of sound to image


PROFESSIONS AND CAREER PATHS                                          

  • Artistic director, production manager, storyboarder, 3D graphics artist, 3D animator, character designer, environmental designer, setup and rigging specialist. This curriculum will allow the student to learn creation  and artistic techniques of 2D concept (drawing, speed painting, storyboard) up to and including final 3D production in film.



  • Acquire the artistic and technical skills necessary for the graphic and scenaristic design of a 3D animated film

  • Join a company in the field

SUPERIOR EXPERT CYCLE (2 years) LMD Level “M”